Cacao Dry Shampoo
Cacao Dry Shampoo
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Cacao Dry Shampoo

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 Clean, healthy hair is this simple.

Instantly absorb & freshen oily hair and add volume. This lightweight formula blends into hair seamlessly and can be used multiple days in a row for that clean, fresh, just-washed-my-hair look.

This best selling Cacao Dry Shampoo:

✓ easily absorbs oil & grease

✓ refreshes the look and feel of hair

✓ adds volume

✓ promotes healthy hair growth

✗ with NO white residue or harmful chemicals

Directions: Dip a medium sized makeup brush into the jar and shake off any excess. Lightly press the brush along hair roots and across greasy areas. Run your hands through hair to distribute evenly and apply more if needed.

Best for blonde, brown or red hair. Our dry shampoo will work for black hair, but you'll have to work your hands through hair for a bit to distribute and dissolve the powder entirely!

Ingredients: organic arrowroot powder, organic cacao powder, organic therapeutic grade lavender essential oil, organic therapeutic grade rosemary essential oil, organic therapeutic grade peppermint essential oils

Size: 2 oz jar which will last 1-2 months when used everyday

Benefits: No time to wash your hair, but tired of aerosol dry shampoos leaving white residue behind?

Aerosol dry shampoos leave white residue behind that’s hard to wash out - and they are made with propellants (liquefied petroleum gases) that are absorbed by the scalp and are harmful to the body. 

This Cacao Dry Shampoo is different. The lightweight properties of arrowroot powder absorbs oil & grease and blends in seamlessly, leaving hair soft and silky to the touch.

Combined with cacao powder that provides essential vitamins & minerals needed for longer, stronger and healthier hair - including magnesium & zinc (prevents hair loss) & calcium (promotes healthy hair growth).

Scented with lavender, rosemary and peppermint essential oils that further stimulate hair growth.

    Created by Plant Based Beauty in Chicago, IL